When you hear walking I am sure what comes straight to your head is THAT song ‘go walking, that’s what to do’. That song was annoying but it had a point. We need to be walking more whether it be to reduce weight or just for general health.

Recently there has been a huge discussion about walking 10,000 steps and where this number has come from. Is 10,000 steps a magical number? Probably not, more steps the better. 10,000 steps has been calculated to around 5 miles due to standard stride length for humans.

10,000 steps is only a ballpark figure but I don’t think it should be dismissed. Depending on your job, whether you are on your feet all day or sitting at a desk all day, your step count will vary widely but to some people the target of 10,000 steps could be a hard task.

If you are wanting to lose weight but you don’t feel ready yet to start going to a gym then simply start walking to begin with and you might be surprised by your results. In today’s world we all have step counters, if you aren’t using it then get it going and see how much you are walking each day.

Benefits of walking:

1)Weight management

2)Improvements to mental health (Stress reliever)

3)Improves heart health

4)Reduces chronic illnesses

5)Lowers blood pressure

6)Improves sleep

The list could go on.

How do we get the 30 minutes of walking in each day?

1)Could you walk to work?

2)Could you schedule a walk with friends or family?

3)Build a routine/habit of getting 30 minutes of walking in each day. During this time you might reflect on your day or try to problem solve some issues. My own personal preference is to listen to music or podcasts.

I hope you have found this article helpful. If you have any questions about this article or any others then please send me a PM or you can contact me through my website.