I purchased a Fitbit about a month ago and I am completely addicted to it.

Why am I addicted to it?

It’s like a game. I’m not saying it has the addiction levels of Football Manager for example but having goals to hit amps up the experience for me. I was listening to a podcast by Jamie Alderton and he describes that most things are like playing a game, which is very true. I have been going on extra walks to try and get more steps in or to try and burn more calories.

Competing against myself amused me for the first two weeks then I was invited into a Weekend Warrior where you compete against other people, the winner is the person with the most steps walked during the weekend. This was awesome and added a whole new level as I love competing and forced me to up my game. The Weekend Warrior then turned into Workweek Hustle which is still going strong and guess what I still haven’t won it.

If you know people with a Fitbit and you are very competitive then I think it could be a worthy investment plus the tracking of sleep as well is mind blowing. On a final note, I am heading to Rome for 3 days and I don’t know if I’m more excited to see the place or see how many steps I can get in.