What an amazing/intense weekend! You come away with so much information from these seminars, it can be very overwhelming.

This year so far has been intense, I am a numbers guy and I constantly do analytics on all aspects of my business. I’m ahead of schedule on a number of areas but just because things are going better than expected doesn’t mean I can sit back and relax.

It was great to be able to see that a number of things discussed during the 2 days are inline with what I do but I have a huge amount of work to do to continue to improve my service.

I will be reviewing and improving every aspect of my service starting from first contact with J.McC right through to the final product.

If anyone is even considering going to these seminars, just book it. It is worth ever penny and more. Thanks to the team at M10 for everything.

Plus Mark Coles is a complete gentleman, making sure to shake everyone’s hand at the beginning of the seminar just shows the stature of the man. Class act!