Here are the most popular diets broken down into their simplest forms. When thinking of going on a diet always consider, is this suitable for me? Will I be able to sustain it long term? 

If you do start to look at any of these diets please research before jumping into the diet. I promise you that if you research any of these diets online all you will see is why this diet is the best and all the improvements you get from it.

There is no such thing as the BEST diet that everyone should follow. Each diet has it’s own pitfalls.

1) Calorie Counting – No food off limits, you track calories and eat in line with your target. 

2) Keto diet – This is a very low carb diet. Your diet will mainly consist of protein and fats.

3) Paleo diet – Known as the Caveman diet. It focuses on grass-fed meats, fruit, veg, nuts and seeds.

4) Vegan diet – This diet focuses on veg, fruit, grains and nuts. Vegans don’t eat animals, dairy products and eggs.

5) Slimming World – No food groups are off limits. This diet includes having free foods. The social aspect is a big draw. 

6) Weight Watchers – This diet works on a point base system. You have a limited number of points that you are allowed to use up. The social aspect is again a big draw.

Plot twist: for all these diets aiming for fat loss. They are all set up to create a calorie deficit in their own way.

Above is a basic 4 step guide to help get you started on your fat loss journey. 

Good luck! 👍

If you need any help with this then please get in contact. 💪

I could honestly have done a post on 50 things I learned on the course but here are 5 things that really related to me!

1) I need to appreciate that everyone is different and that some people take longer than others to be in a place where they are ready to change or to get where they want to be.

2) Results come in different forms. It’s not all about getting the shredded aesthetics and abs. I need to remember what I want and what clients want are different at times. Reassessing the situation from time to time to ensure we are on the same path is essential. 

3) I need to take more time out to celebrate the smaller wins, whether it be my own or my clients. I have a number of clients who have hit 3-4 stone mark yet rather than celebrating, I’m thinking of the next stone.

4) Don’t be afraid to make big calls early on and ask the difficult questions.

5) I need to chill out a bit more, I stress constantly over clients’ progress. I am going to put a number of systems in place to help with checking progress.

How often do you hold off losing weight because you have a stag/hen do or wedding coming up? 

You decide you’re going to start on Monday because you don’t have any plans for the next 8 weeks and you will get a good run at it.

Guess what!?

You very very rarely get a ‘good run’ at it. If you are waiting for the perfect time to start your weight loss, guess what, this time next year you will still be thinking about losing weight. 

Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop for you. You can either:

1) Wait and wait and wait for the perfect time. 

2) Start losing weight now and understand that there are weeks where just maintaining weight is still progress. (Not chasing perfection) 

I hear this all the time in consultations, “I have no plans for 8 weeks”, then within 2 weeks they realise they have a birthday party or work outing that they had forgotten about. 

It’s not a big deal, though if we knew that from the beginning we could plan around it.

On the other hand, I’ve had clients lose 8-12lbs in the first 3 weeks then they go on a stag do, come back from it and have maintained weight. 

The decision is yours! 👍

First they ask WHY?

Then they ask HOW? 

You will get push backs when you are trying to lose weight, espeically from people you thought you might get help from. When you break old habits and go out of your norm it can affect people around you and upset their routine. 

Family and friends can be extremely affected as you might not be going out to socialise with them or you’re cutting back on your ‘Netflix and chill’ to go to the gym. 

This can bring up the ‘why’ situation!

Friends saying “why are you doing this at your age or you used to like doing this”. Usually this is followed by the “you have changed, you used to be fun”.

Can you ever recall this happening to you? Or you decided to stop making a change because of these conversations or guilt trips? Don’t worry, it happens on a regular basis for people.

The good news is yes you have changed or you are changing for the better. You are also still fun but you are now putting in work which will lead to the next question. The next question shows that the hardwork is paying off!

How are you losing weight?

This should be the point where you know you have made the right choice. The people who were questioning why you even decided to start losing weight are now the people wanting to know how you are doing it.

Tell them! Tell them exactly what you have had to do to get to where you are. At this point you have turned into motivation for people and that’s a big deal. 👏👏

I think a lot of people forget it’s ‘personal’ training. Personal training means different things to different people – to some it’s just that one hour when you switch off and do what is asked of you, to others it’s so much more.

I pride myself on the personal aspect of it all. I don’t want clients who just want to come to me so they can say they have a PT.

My clients, or potential clients, are people who are looking for a change. People who are fed up with their everyday norm and want to challenge themselves, usually in fat loss, i.e. want to drop a dress size or preparation for their wedding.

To achieve these goals we need to ditch old habits and create new ones. How do I help? On a personal level.

I like to think my clients are like family, they represent my brand and I represent them. We work together, I check in on a daily basis to make sure everything is ok on a dietary but also general level. I think we sometimes forget that everyone has a life outside of the gym.

All my clients are in a private FB group where they are surrounded by like-minded people with a similar goal. Trust me there is nothing worse than thinking you are on your own, I know I’ve been there.

Overview, if you want to work with me in the future please understand that it is intense, I will be getting you out of your comfort zone. If you give it 100% and are honest, I will do everything plus more to ensure we get results! 

I might have spaces opening soon so keep an eye out! 👍


Power lifting? 

Hiit training? 


High reps?

The truth is if you enjoy a certain style of training and are willing to adhere to it, then that’s the best training for you to lose fat.

Am I going to lose a large amount of body fat from running? No I’m not, because I hate running, plus my tendonitis will flare up and I won’t be able to adhere to it. Running might be the best solution for someone who loves it though and doesn’t have a gym near them.

My personal preference is hypertrophy training with the occasional hiit session thrown in.

My advice is try to find something you enjoy doing and that you can follow while being in a calorie deficit. 

Trust me your sessions don’t have to be boring and repetitive! 💪

False Evidence Appearing Real 

Brian Keane breaks down fear as this and I couldn’t agree more.

Everyone gets the fear at some point in life whether it be something in your personal life, starting a new job or simply a new experience outside your comfort zone.

You have probably played this worst case scenario over and over in your head. 

However… how often has the experience actually materialised to be that bad?

Probably never!

Don’t let the fear paralyse you from doing something that’s new to you. The majority of people have never had a PT and are scared to get one or ask for help. 

To some people, simply coming to a consultation can be a big step and they have to pass through the fear just to turn up. 

The fear might not go away but whatever it is, give it a go! I am sure it won’t be as bad as you think. 👍

I hate this phrase. It has so many interpretations and is completely different to each person.

‘Healthy eating’ to me is fueling your body with the correct nutrition in line with your current goals. 

If your maintenance is 1700 calories a day and you are eating 2000 calories a day of ‘healthy foods’, you will put on weight.

Calories are calories and I think people struggle to understand this principle because of the amount of false advertising from different products. 

Don’t fall into this trap! Eat in line with your calorific goals and macronutrients. 

Question all products even if they do promise you the world! 👍

I first got in contact with John about training me because I had put on a lot of weight after having two babies and I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to work with someone who could help me lose weight in a healthy way.

When I first started training with John, getting used to calorie counting and training was hard but it didn’t take too long until it just became daily life for me. I found that I not only started to feel better in myself but I was more aware of what I was eating. I used to eat takeaways on a regular basis because I felt I needed them, and now I would rarely consider them. John has been there for me through this whole process not only when I’m training with him, but outside of those times too. I wanted to lose two stone before going for surgery and for being a bridesmaid in June, I have managed to lose more than that with John’s help, but when I am able to return to training again I hope to set new goals.

If you are unhappy with the way you feel or the way you look I would highly recommend getting in contact with John. He will help you get to the place you want to be if you are willing to put the work in.

(Weight loss: 2st 9)

(Body fat % loss: 11.6%)