Back in November 2018 I was really struggling at work and with everyday chores due to my health. I was out of breath walking 200 yards and I was on so much medication as well. I decided that I had to make changes in 2019 and before I turned 60 or I would probably never do it. I was talking to a work colleague at that time Ryan Murphy, and told him I would love to go to a personal trainer to help me lose weight and live a better life. He was attending JMcC Health & Fitness in Ballymena and had a word with John.

I went to meet John for a discussion about my ambitions and goals, to lose 8 stone, and he decided to take me on in January 2019. I started my journey on 18th January and continued to go to JMcC Health & Fitness twice a week for 1 hour sessions. John was very understanding and aware of my health issues and always worked around them.

John simplified everything so that the short and long term goals were very clear. He set targets for my calories, fats, carbs and protein and monitored these weekly, weighed me weekly and tailored training programmes along the way. John contacted me throughout the transformation, especially in the last few weeks as I’d been working away from home.

So I have now surpassed my goal!
Life is now so good, I’ve got loads of energy, I can go into normal shops to buy normal sized clothes instead of shopping online and I’m now on very little medication. Anyone can do this, age is only a number.

So finally, I would like to thank EVERYONE for their support along the way, it was all really appreciated. Special thanks to my family, especially my sister Sue who has been so understanding and supportive right through my journey. A big thank you to Ryan for introducing me to JMcC Health & Fitness and of course a really big thanks to John McCallum for keeping me on track and looking after me so well. Believe me he earned his keep, we had good days and bad days with plenty of craic and banter along the way.

Weight loss: 8st 4lbs (116lbs) (52.6kg)

Fat loss BF%: 27.7%