5 More Reasons Why You Should Calorie Count

I know I have already done a post in the past about the benefits of tracking foods but here are even more reasons to track food:

1) You gain knowledge and a better understanding of what nutrition is and what is considered a healthy diet in line with your goals.

2) You are creating your own diet. You might be adding food or removing food from your diet to stay in line with your calories and macronutrients. This can bring a willingness to stick to your own diet.

3) Habits are created from calorie counting. You can review what a good day/bad day is and how you can address the situation to have more good days than bad days. You may also spot patterns in behaviour e.g. Thursdays are always a bad day because you work late… solution is to prep food for the evening.

4) You will be more aware of what is in your food. Before buying food you should be checking the label. When you scan the item you should be able to easily read all the relative information and be able to make an educated decision on whether or not to eat it.

5) You will understand that with little effort it is not difficult to eat well. You will realise that the term healthy eating is very vague and you have endless possibilities to improve your diet.