5 things I learned at the Average Joe Seminar

I could honestly have done a post on 50 things I learned on the course but here are 5 things that really related to me!

1) I need to appreciate that everyone is different and that some people take longer than others to be in a place where they are ready to change or to get where they want to be.

2) Results come in different forms. It’s not all about getting the shredded aesthetics and abs. I need to remember what I want and what clients want are different at times. Reassessing the situation from time to time to ensure we are on the same path is essential. 

3) I need to take more time out to celebrate the smaller wins, whether it be my own or my clients. I have a number of clients who have hit 3-4 stone mark yet rather than celebrating, I’m thinking of the next stone.

4) Don’t be afraid to make big calls early on and ask the difficult questions.

5) I need to chill out a bit more, I stress constantly over clients’ progress. I am going to put a number of systems in place to help with checking progress.