Choosing the diet for you!

Here are the most popular diets broken down into their simplest forms. When thinking of going on a diet always consider, is this suitable for me? Will I be able to sustain it long term? 

If you do start to look at any of these diets please research before jumping into the diet. I promise you that if you research any of these diets online all you will see is why this diet is the best and all the improvements you get from it.

There is no such thing as the BEST diet that everyone should follow. Each diet has it’s own pitfalls.

1) Calorie Counting – No food off limits, you track calories and eat in line with your target. 

2) Keto diet – This is a very low carb diet. Your diet will mainly consist of protein and fats.

3) Paleo diet – Known as the Caveman diet. It focuses on grass-fed meats, fruit, veg, nuts and seeds.

4) Vegan diet – This diet focuses on veg, fruit, grains and nuts. Vegans don’t eat animals, dairy products and eggs.

5) Slimming World – No food groups are off limits. This diet includes having free foods. The social aspect is a big draw. 

6) Weight Watchers – This diet works on a point base system. You have a limited number of points that you are allowed to use up. The social aspect is again a big draw.

Plot twist: for all these diets aiming for fat loss. They are all set up to create a calorie deficit in their own way.