Do you ‘REALLY’ want to lose fat?

Do you ‘REALLY’ want to lose fat?

Lots of people say they want to lose fat but some don’t really understand what it requires.

The majority of us personal trainers try to accommodate clients with enjoyable and exciting dietary information and guidance, more so now than ever before. Rice, chicken and broccoli isn’t the top meal we offer clients these days (although nothing wrong with it).

Saying that, just because there is more information about nutrition and more variety in diets, it doesn’t mean that you can half a#$ it. If you do, then you can expect half a#$ results. 

You still need to commit to the programme you are following and adhere to it. 

You should expect there to be difficult times during your fat loss journey. You will have to give up certain foods you enjoy and reduce others. You will have to try new foods and break bad habits while creating new ones.

Don’t be scared of change!

No one in the world can make you lose fat if you don’t want to.

It’s your choice, your health, your life!!