Eating regularly??

“I’m struggling to lose weight because I’m not eating regularly.” I have heard this from a number of clients in the past.

Yes there are a number of reasons as to why it might help you with your weight loss i.e. eating every 3-4 hours keeps the hunger at bay and stops you going off track. It doesn’t matter if you have 2 meals a day or 6 meals a day, it all depends on the overall calories for the day.

6 meals at 300 cals per meal = 1800 cals

2 meals at 900 cals per meal = 1800 cals

If 1800 calories has you in a calorie deficit then weight loss will occur either way.

My clients’ nutritional timing depends on their own situation i.e. their type of job etc.

Here is my “normal” day of eating. It isn’t ideal but my days are hectic and this is currently the best routine for me. These times do not affect my weight loss though in any way, as long as I’m in a calorie deficit.

Breakfast 5.15am
Snack 10am (occasionally)
Lunch 12 or 1pm
Snack 6pm
Dinner 9-10pm

Hopefully you found this information helpful and it will make people understand that it’s not all about nutritional timing. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR CALORIE CONSUMPTION!