Mindful Fat Loss Journey

1) This is your journey and no one else’s, so do not try and compare yourself to someone else. Everyone has different starting points and you don’t know what is/isn’t happening in their lives.

2) Do not panic if you go off track and overeat. No one’s perfect, do not beat yourself up about it. The journey is not all high fives and smiles, just focus on getting back on track.

3) Get your friends and family behind you. Let them know how important it is for you.

4) Reflect on where you started. You might not hit your targets every week. Some weeks your weight might stay the same. You will probably agree that you are in a better place that week than you were in previous weeks.

5) One size does not fit all. If you have a plan stick to it, do not jump from one thing to another as it over complicates everything. If a friend tells you that you need to do what they are doing and drink the stuff that they are drinking, I recommend that you turn and run.

Remember it’s all about you, it might sound selfish but sometimes you have to look after yourself before you can help others!