Everyone seems to have opinions about everything these days but that doesn’t mean you have to take them on board.

You have lost too much weight.
You’re too skinny now.
You’ve put on too much muscle.

No matter what, you will not make everyone happy but honestly who cares. If I listened to all the stuff people told me before starting JMcC Health and Fitness I wouldn’t have started at all.

Below is Jason Momoa, absolute beast and Hollywood superstar yet he is currently getting slated online by people because he isn’t in his best shape for his standards.

Do you really think he cares what these people think? I doubt it. I’m sure he still sleeps well at night even with that wee bit of extra body fat.

Long story short it doesn’t matter who you are, people are always going to have an opinion about you whether it be good or bad.

Wee tip – if they aren’t in a better position than you, should you really take their advice on board?