Personal aspect of ‘Personal Training’

I think a lot of people forget it’s ‘personal’ training. Personal training means different things to different people – to some it’s just that one hour when you switch off and do what is asked of you, to others it’s so much more.

I pride myself on the personal aspect of it all. I don’t want clients who just want to come to me so they can say they have a PT.

My clients, or potential clients, are people who are looking for a change. People who are fed up with their everyday norm and want to challenge themselves, usually in fat loss, i.e. want to drop a dress size or preparation for their wedding.

To achieve these goals we need to ditch old habits and create new ones. How do I help? On a personal level.

I like to think my clients are like family, they represent my brand and I represent them. We work together, I check in on a daily basis to make sure everything is ok on a dietary but also general level. I think we sometimes forget that everyone has a life outside of the gym.

All my clients are in a private FB group where they are surrounded by like-minded people with a similar goal. Trust me there is nothing worse than thinking you are on your own, I know I’ve been there.

Overview, if you want to work with me in the future please understand that it is intense, I will be getting you out of your comfort zone. If you give it 100% and are honest, I will do everything plus more to ensure we get results! 

I might have spaces opening soon so keep an eye out! 👍