Productive or Busy?

People think that being busy and productive are the same thing, but they aren’t. Busy is the aftermath of not being productive or efficient. 

Being productive leads you towards your goals while being busy can leave you stuck in a rut. If you are productive, you have more opportunities to have ‘downtime’ with your family and friends. I have fallen into the trap of being busy but if I was being honest, I was just wasting my own time and making up excuses.

If you are too busy to eat healthily and go to the gym, then you are not being productive enough with your time. Those 2 hours spent  watching Netflix before bed could be spent elsewhere. 

Here are some tips for helping with productivity:

. Create a to do list (prioritise important jobs)

. Map out your day in 1 hour or 30 min slots

. Cut back on time on social media

So let’s stop being busy and start being productive!!