Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior Mode – what is it? This is when you eat really well during the week, hitting calories and macro-nutrients.

Then, the weekend comes and you slack on your tracking of calories and think you can eat what you want because you ate well during the week.

I know this is going against a very popular belief but here I go. Calories STILL count at the weekend! You can completely undo all your effort put in through the week with alcohol and additional snacks that you are not tracking.

You might get away with it at the beginning of some diets, but it’s creating a potential pitfall down the line and the wrong mindset.

As you are aware I am very much in favour of flexible dieting but it has it’s downfalls like all diets, you need to keep your accountability over the weekend too.

The weekend warrior mode will slow down progress or will hault it completely as you fall out of a calorie deficit.

You could plan for a smaller deficit over the weekend, which is fine as weight loss can still occur. Hopefully the diagram below is helpful.

P.S. If you think going over your calories by 750 is an exaggeration, just think of a few beers and a few slices of pizza. This isn’t including the damage to the macronutrients.