What people do to lose fat vs What people should do to lose fat!

Success leaves clues. These 2 styles of fat loss always end with the same outcome.

Number 1 here will have quick weight loss but the results will slow down very quickly, leading to demotivation and then he will fall back into old habits, piling the weight back on plus more. Give it 6 months-year and he will try a similar diet with a different name.

You can’t blame number 1 for trying, he doesn’t know any better, probably creating his own diet on the bad information he is being fed from social media (no pun intended).

You know the stuff I mean, take this magic pill to help with weight loss and remember not to eat carbs because they are bad for you and make you fat. 🙄

When the guaranteed 4-week six-pack doesn’t appear he simply gives up thinking he’s not meant to be in good shape.

Number 2 usually achieves his goal because he is willing to take his time to achieve it and to also maintain it. Understanding the fundamentals of fat loss, that calories are king, simple tracking and being accountable to what he puts into his mouth will help him reach his goal.

The calorie deficit number 2 has created is sensible and maintainable. Each week he should have small victories on his fat loss journey. Plus his performance and motivation in the gym should be high because his body should function well with the calories he is sticking to, helping him to hit 3x gym sessions per week.

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