What’s The Holdup?

What’s the holdup?

Everyone has weaknesses. It can be ill health or some kind of injury. Some are more serious than others but nonetheless, some can affect our lives every day while other ones only affect us if we let it.

I work with a number of clients who have ill health or an old injury. If you saw them train though you probably couldn’t tell they had any issues. Why? Because the workouts are planned around these weaknesses, plus they have the right attitude. They could have an excuse not to do something but instead, they get the job done.

If you have an issue holding you back then you have to train smart. You might have to modify an exercise to suit you or maybe have to slow down at certain points during the session because of the issue playing up.

I have my own issues which I am prepared to deal with when I train. I have asthma and tendonitis in both my knees but thankfully these don’t really affect me. I have a plan in place to cope with these issues if they do arise and my training session can change depending on these issues, but it doesn’t affect the efficiency of the session.

The point of this post is that no one is perfect. We all have our own problems but usually, the excuses and your mindset hold you back more than the issue itself.