Why? How?

First they ask WHY?

Then they ask HOW? 

You will get push backs when you are trying to lose weight, espeically from people you thought you might get help from. When you break old habits and go out of your norm it can affect people around you and upset their routine. 

Family and friends can be extremely affected as you might not be going out to socialise with them or you’re cutting back on your ‘Netflix and chill’ to go to the gym. 

This can bring up the ‘why’ situation!

Friends saying “why are you doing this at your age or you used to like doing this”. Usually this is followed by the “you have changed, you used to be fun”.

Can you ever recall this happening to you? Or you decided to stop making a change because of these conversations or guilt trips? Don’t worry, it happens on a regular basis for people.

The good news is yes you have changed or you are changing for the better. You are also still fun but you are now putting in work which will lead to the next question. The next question shows that the hardwork is paying off!

How are you losing weight?

This should be the point where you know you have made the right choice. The people who were questioning why you even decided to start losing weight are now the people wanting to know how you are doing it.

Tell them! Tell them exactly what you have had to do to get to where you are. At this point you have turned into motivation for people and that’s a big deal. 👏👏