Davy Boyd – Transformation

Davy says, “My job involves quite a bit of sitting at a desk and attending meetings, with little activity during or after the working day. Prior to beginning my transformation, my eating habits weren’t good and most days I had eaten no breakfast or lunch, only dinner in the evening. Like most people over the years, weight had crept on which was starting to affect my health. My blood pressure was high which resulted in the need for medication to control it. I had tried to lose weight several times as advised by my GP, without any real success. I eventually decided at 23st 12lb (my heaviest weight ever) that for the sake of my health and the fact that I was going into my fifties, it was time to do something about it before it was too late. In October 2016, I was introduced to John McCallum. Like anyone of my size, I had all the usual concerns; will I be able to do the workouts? Will I be able to see it through to the end goal? However, from the off, John made me feel at ease by asking what it was I wanted to achieve from the sessions and what I wanted from him. I set myself the following targets: · Lose 8 stone · Reach a point where my medication for blood pressure could be reduced or withdrawn altogether · Improve my overall fitness and body strength · Buy clothes again from high street brands By the end of the consultation, I felt good and ready to embark on the journey to achieve all the goals I set myself.

“John asked me to go to my GP with the proposed diet plan and exercise regime – my GP was pleased that I was finally taking the plunge! John took time to go over the exercise plan (1 session per week and daily 30 min walks) and ideas for meals & snacks (3 meals & 3 snacks per day). The first 4 weeks were hard for the following reasons: · Thinking ahead to ensure meals were planned properly for the day in advance · Adjusting to eating 6 times a day and making sure my meals fitted in and around my working day · Resisting the temptation to have a Chinese and a few beers (my usual Saturday treat) Before long, people started to comment on the fact I had lost weight which proved to me that I was doing the right thing, and should have done it long ago. In April, I had a check up with my GP who happily told me my high blood pressure medication could be reduced (one of my goals!). As a result of feeling fitter, I increased my walking to an hour twice a day at the weekend. I was still seeing results by way of steady weight loss and reduced body fat and by the end of June, I could see the end goal in sight. Around the same time though, I was to learn my job would involve travelling which was not ideal. To cope with this, John gave me the following advice: · Keep up the walking twice a day · Move my gym session to a day that would suit · Send John menus of places I would be eating in so he could give nutritional guidance This went well until I hit a brick wall at the end of July. My weight was remaining constant which was highly frustrating. There was some good news though. My GP was happy for me to come off medication and have my blood pressure monitored over the course of the next few months. In the back of my mind, I was still thinking about the lack of progress I was making and given that I had a holiday planned, I had concerns I wouldn’t reach my target before going. John remained positive though and pointed out that, whilst I hadn’t lost weight, I hadn’t gained any either. He actually had a challenge in store for me – a weighted vest representing half the weight I had so nearly lost (4 stone). With pounds to go, John tweaked my diet and I agreed to get my two walks a day done during the week and longer ones at the weekend. With my thoughts turning to the holiday,

“I thought some new clothes would be the order of the day. It felt good to be able to walk into the shop and lift trousers & shirts off the rail to find they fitted with ease. I have worked hard over the last few weeks, and months, and I am pleased to say I have reached the target weight I set out to achieve, and some! To say I am chuffed is an understatement. I am very grateful to John for all his help and support over the last 11 months and without it I would most likely have failed in reaching my goal. It has been a journey and an education which I have overall enjoyed. If you’re thinking “It’s too late to do anything about my weight and fitness” or “I’m too old”, then think again. Get in contact with John and arrange the consultation! ”

Before After Loss Weight: (23st 12lb) (15st 9lb) (8st 3lb) 115lbs BF% (60.2%) (32.2%) (28%)