Kathryn – Transformation

Kathryn says, “I’m 24 years old and have recently changed jobs from being on my feet all day to sitting at a desk. From this and the lack of exercise I have gained weight which I wasn’t happy about. Before attending J. McC Health and Fitness I would’ve went to one spin class a week but never felt I achieved anything from it. As for my diet it wouldn’t have been great, I would have eaten a lot of takeaways and unhealthy meals out of convenience. I would definitely recommend John as he really pushes you to achieve your best. I started with a goal of losing a stone over my eight weeks but by week eight I had lost 1st 5 pounds. During my eight weeks I also had a city break and a hen party which was a challenge but I tried to stick to my diet the best I could. I don’t think I could have lost the weight I did without John’s encouragement and support.”

After the initial 8 weeks, Kathryn continued on her weight loss journey. I honestly can’t speak highly enough about Kathryn. She gives everything in her training sessions and constantly surprises me with her progression and willingness to know what she will be doing in the following session. We have built the majority of Kathryn’s exercises from the ground up. At the beginning Kathryn struggled to perform the basics such as a press up or plank but now performs these exercises with great form and precision. Kathryn constantly stays on top of her diet, tracking her macronutrients.