Kirsty Wallace – Transformation

Kirsty says, “Before I started with John I was stuck in so many ways. I was already attending the gym at least 1-2 times a week but I was lost as to what I was doing and would do cardio 100% of the time as everything else seemed too difficult. I was also a “healthy eater” but my portion sizes were all wrong. I couldn’t lose weight and I stayed the same weight for years. I was getting beyond frustrated.

“John quickly got me into a calorie deficit, got me a fantastic guide to use for myself in the gym and trained me personally two times a week and the weight started dropping off. John is fantastic and has completely changed my life in the way I view fitness and nutrition. I no longer feel like I’m having to try really hard to stick to a strict diet, this is just normality for me now. I track foods on my fitness pal and it’s easy!! Anyone can do it I guarantee you.

“Training with John is one of my favourite times of the week and he is honestly the most supportive, hilarious and knowledgable PT. Training sessions are fun, varied and there’s no embarrassment or pressure. I am stronger, healthier and most importantly happier than I’ve ever been!

(P.S if I could go back I would wear tighter clothes for my before pictures so if you decide to go to a PT please wear something tight and you’ll thank me later when you compare it to your transformation pictures)”

Loss:  2st 10.6  (38.6 lbs)

Bf% loss: 12.7%