I was doing stock car mascot and had pictures taken… I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I knew I needed to lose weight. The 3 folds of fat scared me and I had already been struggling to carry my child with Spina bifida up and down the stairs without getting out of breath. I knew for my daughter and son who has autism that I needed to get healthier, stronger and fitter. 

I had tried other gyms in the past but I struggle with crowds and the amount of noise, and this lead to me giving up pretty easily. I would then start feeling very low.

After I gave up on the gym, I saw an advertisement on fb about John so I thought I’d give it one last go. I was soon booked in for my consultation, I was already nervous about telling him about my lower back issues and my IBS. In the consultation I thought he was going to tell me that he couldn’t work with me as others had hurtfully said to me before but no he was more than willing and laid out the plan of action, plus talked about issues with the double C-section I had.

Weight loss was slow in the beginning due to medication I had been taking in the past but after a while the weight loss became pretty consistent. John helped me to create my own diet that suited my needs. We used a calorie counting app and kept some treats in my diet such as Red Bull (I used to drink 8 tins a day).

When I became more comfortable in training, John encouraged me to join a local gym on top of our PT sessions. I was given a personalised workout plan to go in line with what I was doing with John. 

Soon my clothes were too big for me, I was seeing the results in the mirror/scales plus people were starting to tell me that I had lost weight. 

The support John gives you is unbelievable, between looking at your diet/training to being able to text him about anything – this was what I needed. It was what I needed to lose weight or I probably would’ve cheated on my diet a lot. 

I now eat healthily and understand what labels mean plus I can still factor in the odd treat. John is very patient through tears and tantrums. I was a 16 going on 18 in sizes now down to a ten, which is the smallest I’ve ever been.

Loss: 2st 12 

Fat loss: 13.2%